Advantages of Commercial Skylights

Artificial lighting in commercial buildings can project an uncomfortable aura and dampen the workplace environment. We have all heard of skylights in a home, but why only limit them to residential use? Commercial skylights are a practical, trusted route to channel in natural light, reduce utility usage, and thereby cut down your utility bill. Here we walk through the benefits of commercial skylights and where to turn for assistance with your existing skylights.

Skylights 101

Heating, cooling, illuminating, and supplying electricity to a commercial building is not an inexpensive endeavor. Commercial property owners explore every avenue to save on utilities, and skylights are a trusted route to savings. Channeling natural lighting reduces the demand for electric lights. Running electric lights less cuts down on utility costs. Not to mention, natural lighting bathes your building in a refreshing glow to boost mood and productivity.

The success of your skylight depends on the specifics of the light that is installed. The water tightness, wind resistance, shading, sound reduction, ventilation, and UV coatings of a skylight should all be considered before installation. If your skylight leaks or is degrading, our GreenStar Roof technicians are trained and qualified to repair your skylight and update its specifics that will best fit your commercial building.

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