Hydro Stop Fluid Applied

The company is focused on working side by side with contractors and has a strong commitment to customer service. Their products include the following:

  • PremiumCoat System: This flexible, UV-resistant system requires no special equipment to install. The elastomeric compound is reinforced with a tough, nonwoven fabric that can be applied to all roofing and flashing surfaces.
  • BarrierGuard: Used on all surfaces such as foundation walls, concrete panels and retaining walls, BarrierGuard forms into a flexible waterproof compound.
  • FlexCoat: As its name implies, FlexCoat is formulated to be flexible and allow for movement on masonry surfaces. It fills cracks, seals the surface from the elements and comes in hundreds of color options.
  • Kymax: This product is based on Kynar PVDF coatings, but the difference is that it does not require high-temperature baking. Instead, it air-dries and cures at ambient temperatures. It is both flexible and tough, resisting abrasion, dirt, acid rain and extreme weather.
  • StableRust Primer: A water-based acrylic primer, StableRust is designed to protect all metal surfaces, including steel, aluminum and copper. It is especially resistant to salt spray.
  • SureBond Primer: This water-based, acrylic primer is designed to seal all types of masonry and chalky surfaces.
  • TrafficCoat: Looking for something for high-traffic areas, consider TrafficCoat. It is an abrasion-resistant coating that is ideal for decks and walkways, and it is both easy to apply and easy to clean.

If you need more information about roof coatings in New Orleans, contact GreenStar for help! We are authorities on products such as Quest Hydro-Stop and can help you decide on the best one for your needs.