How Do Coatings Keep Roofs Cool?

If you have begun to explore the benefits of roof coatings, you will surely have learned that they drastically reduce the temperature of a roof. How exactly is this possible? Here we discuss the basics of how roof coatings can keep a roof cooler, and what these cooler temperatures mean.

Several factors contribute to how roof coatings keep a roof cool. The traditional light color of a roof coating is a huge factor in the cool relief they can offer. Lighter colors absorb less heat, helping keep the roof and the nearby underlying structures cool. Additionally, light colored roof coatings reflect sunlight and heat, further keeping the roof cool.

Emissivity is the ability of a surface to radiate away heat. Roof coatings are engineered to emit away approximately 70% to 90% of the heat they absorb, while traditional roofs emit approximately 5% to 25% of the heat they absorb. Roof coatings are specifically designed with cool temperatures in mind.

What Does a Cooler Roof Mean For You?

A cooler roof extends the life of your roof system by years. Radiation and heat accelerate the decay of your roof, so a roof coating that reflects heat and UV radiation will drastically increase the life of your roof. If you are ready to cool your roof and protect your home for years to come, call our professionals today at (504) 321-ROOF! We are the roof coating authority of Louisiana. 

Benefits Of Flat Roofs

Flat roofs are the go to choice for the vast majority of businesses. They offer a certain array of benefits perfect for commercial purposes. Here, at Green Star Coatings, we offer professional flat roof installation services. If you’d like to know a little bit more about how a flat roof can benefit you, we discuss their advantages here.

How they can help you

  • The costs of shingles, shakes, or tiles add up really fast. Fortunately, you can avoid that completely by using flat roof materials to save on costs.
  • Standing on a sloped roof is not only difficult, but extremely dangerous. Flat roofs make maintenance and cleaning much easier.
  • Space is important for businesses, and flat roofs can help you there too. They can sometimes be used for storage, a mounted HVAC system, and more.

Want to take advantage of professional flat roof installation? Give the experts at Green Star Coatings a call! To find out more, you can reach us at (504) 321-ROOF.

Advantages of Commercial Skylights

Artificial lighting in commercial buildings can project an uncomfortable aura and dampen the workplace environment. We have all heard of skylights in a home, but why only limit them to residential use? Commercial skylights are a practical, trusted route to channel in natural light, reduce utility usage, and thereby cut down your utility bill. Here we walk through the benefits of commercial skylights and where to turn for assistance with your existing skylights.

Skylights 101

Heating, cooling, illuminating, and supplying electricity to a commercial building is not an inexpensive endeavor. Commercial property owners explore every avenue to save on utilities, and skylights are a trusted route to savings. Channeling natural lighting reduces the demand for electric lights. Running electric lights less cuts down on utility costs. Not to mention, natural lighting bathes your building in a refreshing glow to boost mood and productivity.

The success of your skylight depends on the specifics of the light that is installed. The water tightness, wind resistance, shading, sound reduction, ventilation, and UV coatings of a skylight should all be considered before installation. If your skylight leaks or is degrading, our GreenStar Roof technicians are trained and qualified to repair your skylight and update its specifics that will best fit your commercial building.

Waterproof Roof Membranes

Waterproof membranes are an effective and money-saving way to improve your roof’s performance. They are definitely more affordable than getting a brand new roof. If your roof could use some extra waterproofing and energy efficiency, you should consider having it coated.

Weatherproofing is Highly Protective

When we use the term “weatherproof“, we mean just that. Roof coatings will make your roof immune to leaks and greater resiliency to high wind and storms. This is because the waterproof membrane is completely sealed at the seams, allowing harmful elements to just roll off.

Roof Coatings Save You Money

While there is a bit of an initial investment involved, you will start to enjoy your savings rather quickly. That’s because you save money by getting a coating instead of a whole new roof, and the coatings are very long-lasting, minimizing repair costs. Plus, if you get them painted white, your building will stay cooler using less energy.

They’re Easier Than Ever to Get Installed

All you have to do is give us a call and let us know you’d like to have a roof coating applied. We will discuss your best options. You can rest assured that, when you choose us as your roof coating installers, you will be getting the industry’s best products and practices.