Energy Efficiency: Only a Luxury?

When you think of energy efficiency, you may first imagine shiny, new appliances that cost thousands of dollars and run on vegetable oil. However, energy efficiency is simply managing your consumption of energy and is achievable through many ways – and improving energy efficiency does not have to break the bank. The average person in Louisiana spent approximately $4200 on energy in 2012, and our goal is to help you lower that expenditure. Here we have compiled a few of our favorite energy efficiency tips to help you start managing your energy consumption today.

Where to Start

Energy-proofing your home often starts with the systems that are already in place, rather than having to start completely over with expensive new systems. Take these few starter points, for example:

  • Weather stripping around exterior doors and windows is an inexpensive, trusted method of maintaining your home environment while keeping outdoor elements out. Weather stripping is fantastically affordable – often $10 or so for a medium sized roll.
  • Caulking is another delightfully affordable way to maintain your indoor environment. Caulking is a special putty that can be precisely applied to seal gaps in window frames, door frames, and similar openings in a home or building. Caulking is often found for $5 or less.
  • Skylights allow for beautiful natural lighting while allowing you to use your electric lights less. Skylights can also be used as vents that draw out warm air to keep the room cool.

These quick tips, and many more, can help improve energy efficiency in your home or building, ultimately saving you money. Improving the efficiency of your roof is no exception, and New Orleans’ top roofers are here to help you save money and protect your property for years to come. Call our professional roofers at (504) 321-ROOF to discuss energy efficiency for your roof today! 

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