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Energy Efficiency: Only a Luxury?

When you think of energy efficiency, you may first imagine shiny, new appliances that cost thousands of dollars and run on vegetable oil. However, energy efficiency is simply managing your consumption of energy and is achievable through many ways – and improving energy efficiency does not have to break the bank. The average person in Louisiana spent approximately […]

How Do Coatings Keep Roofs Cool?

If you have begun to explore the benefits of roof coatings, you will surely have learned that they drastically reduce the temperature of a roof. How exactly is this possible? Here we discuss the basics of how roof coatings can keep a roof cooler, and what these cooler temperatures mean. Several factors contribute to how roof coatings […]

Benefits Of Flat Roofs

Flat roofs are the go to choice for the vast majority of businesses. They offer a certain array of benefits perfect for commercial purposes. Here, at Green Star Coatings, we offer professional flat roof installation services. If you’d like to know a little bit more about how a flat roof can benefit you, we discuss […]

Advantages of Commercial Skylights

Artificial lighting in commercial buildings can project an uncomfortable aura and dampen the workplace environment. We have all heard of skylights in a home, but why only limit them to residential use? Commercial skylights are a practical, trusted route to channel in natural light, reduce utility usage, and thereby cut down your utility bill. Here we walk through […]

Waterproof Roof Membranes

Waterproof membranes are an effective and money-saving way to improve your roof’s performance. They are definitely more affordable than getting a brand new roof. If your roof could use some extra waterproofing and energy efficiency, you should consider having it coated. Weatherproofing is Highly Protective When we use the term “weatherproof“, we mean just that. […]